Late Summer in the Alpine Garden

During the month of June I'm in the Alpine Garden, on Mount Washington, at least once a week.  I always hope to visit at this time of year but the summer always seems to slip away.  A visit last week had me in awe over the beautiful late summer flowers.  The contrast of the alpine goldenrod and the bluebells were incredible. Bilberries were plentiful, and tasty and this year's mountain cranberries were bright red and extremely numerous.  It's such a fabulous time to be above treeline. 
If you are interested in a guided exploration of the Alpine Garden, join AMC Naturalist Nancy Ritger on September 9
A quick ascent to the alpine environment via the Mount Washington Auto Road allowing for the most time above treeline. We'll explore the ridge in varying bloom while searching for signs of alpine birds including American pipits, Bicknell's Thrush and Juncos.   Get up there!