Moose Scrape off the Blanchard Loop Trail

Moose scrape off the Blanchard Loop Trail
Photo credit: Whitney McCann

Moose scrape is one way to track moose all times of year.  The moose scrapes the bark of broad-leafed trees with its incisors to get at the tree's cambium, or nutrient-rich tissue layer.   "Incisor scraping is not done with the largest of the incisors, because the nose would get in the way," instructs naturalist Mark Elbroch.  Deer also scrape for food.  Look to the upper reaches of a tree's scrape--the height will help you identify whether it's a moose or a deer. Ski with an AMC Naturalist at Great Glen, Sundays at 10:30 AM, to look for moose sign and other animal tracks.  Call 603-466-8119 for more details.