January 2007 Highland Center

The month of January began with trace amounts of snow here in Crawford Notch. Slowly we have began to accumulate a few inches at a time in light snow squalls. Our daily hikes have led us across tracks from our big
friend the moose (Alces alces). The massive tracks were even detailed enough to reveal their dew claws. Intervals of warm weather have softened the snow to slush in the daytime, only to freeze in the frigid overnight temps. Rain for several days though a bit odd for January in the Notch, created a great base for the ice climbers to cling to. Around the mid month a bitter cold snap embraced the area in it's icy grip. Temperatures were recorded way, way below freezing, and howling winds echoed through the notch. Conditions became an even packed snow along the trails, making the hiking in the area quite nice toward the end of the month. The cold temps allowed for clear days and nights, affording fabulous views throughout the area. The month of January had a gradual yet constant increase in snow coverage. The month was also visited by many days of with an icy chill in the air that brings hope of a more traditional weather pattern come February.