From the mountaintops

Interpretive Naturalists live and work on the heights of the White Mountains, providing free programs for hikers visiting any AMC 'high hut'. Here are their observations, straight from the field:

*Blue Beaded Lilies are in full fruit with clusters of metallic blue berries seen along the trailsides at most elevations.

* Spring peepers can still be heard at Lakes of the Clouds – elevation 5025’.

* Birds are quieting down during nesting.

* Bunchberry is in fruit with its clusters of small red berries.

* Blueberries are ripening on sunny ledges in the valley.

* Dragonflies are emerging along the Zealand Valley. Many species found at the beaver ponds.

* Indian Pipes are in bloom along Elephants Head trail.

* Coneflowers can be seen in the wildflower field on Rt 302.